Comments- April thru December, 2007
Name: Nancy Green
IP Address:
Country: PA, USA Date: Thu Dec 27 12:41:59 2007
Comment: You and your kitties are the best! I love your story and your show! I volunteer for a cat rescue- & spend endless hours helping abused/homeless cats. What a joy it is to see your kitties so well taken care of & living an extrodinary life! It is awesome to witenss the strong bond between you and your cats. 1st saw you about 10 yrs ago and again in Nov 2007. Clap clap clap to you my friend-not only are you entertaining but caring & compassionate towards animals!

Name: Carley
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 19 18:21:34 2007
Comment: My grandparents, best friend, and I went to Key West October 20-27. One of those days we went down to Key West and watched you preform. It was hilarious! Although my best friend is allergic to cats, I love them! We all still joke about your show. You kept telling a girl "Sit down...STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" and we all just thought it was the funniest thing. Great Job! Hope to see you again in the future!

Name: Joan
IP Address:
Country: PA, USA Date: Tue Dec 18 01:14:19 2007
Comment: Dave & I enjoyed seeing you and your wonderful show 12/12 - 12/14. You are so funny, and your cats are just amazing! Key West is so lucky to have you there. It wouldn't be nearly as special as it is without "The CatMan" to entertain at sunset every night! We look forward to seeing you and the kitties again soon!

Name: Jeanne
IP Address:
Country: US Date: Sat Dec 8 15:27:43 2007
Comment: Wow, unbelievable, being a cat lover myself, I am so impressed. I showed your DVD to anyone who sat still, I even gave a DVD to my Psychology Professor. A good example of learning and behavior modification with a great entertainment aspect. Loved it!

Name: Valerie
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 2 08:57:13 2007
Comment: Loved the show, loved the cats! Especially impressed with Oscar - what a beautiful creature! Dominque, you are a kind, warm soul and brought true joy to our Key West visit. We will come back to see you all again. Clap clap clap for you and the kitties!

Name: Jackie
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 1 22:00:29 2007
Comment: And, by the way our Honeymoon was in September of 1999!! Today is December 1, 2007, lol! Thanks for bringing me back almost a decade...when the world was a much better place too! God bless you Dominique

Name: Jackie
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 1 21:57:31 2007
Comment: watched my honeymoon video of your wonderful show.I smiled ear to ear the whole time!I forgot how amazing you are & how much i enjoyed you!My sisters and I used to come to KW for 9 yrs sometimes you were not there and that ***ed, as we always looked forward to seeing your show.On my honeymoon, my husband video-ed you, you picked me to hold the net for the pretty white cat....I was honored and when I got to see that again I felt great and wanted to say THANKS-you're great

Name: Sammie
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 28 20:22:04 2007
Comment: YOU ROCK MAN!!

Name: jimmy
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Thu Nov 8 20:42:23 2007
Comment: Hi Dominique, me and my wife really enjoyed seeing you and your circus cats again.We seen you last year and couldnt wait to see you again this year.This time i made sure to purchase a tshirt and a dvd.We just got home and watched the dvd and it was a great show.I recomend it to everyone to purchase the dvd.Its a professional filming of his show.You and your cats are amazing! peace,jimmy

Name: Lorie
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 7 17:38:04 2007
Comment: Dominique...your cats are fabulous and we loved seeing you again at Sunset Fest...we come to Key West every November and it is our most favorite thing to come see you and your sweet meow-meows! We have a sweet grey tabby with a stub tail we rescued...our little Charlie, we call him 'Char-Char'! We are so grateful that you are doing what you do! What a blessing to so many~! Take care, we'll see ya next year!

Name: Rick & Patti
IP Address:
Country: Louisiana, USA Date: Fri Oct 26 09:02:17 2007
Comment: Hi Dominique, we just loved your performance! We saw you last year for the 1st time and couldnít wait to see you again. Your cats are incredible, and your humor & laughter is so infectious, it kept us smiling for days. We canít wait to see you again. Thank you for memories that will last a lifetime, and happy 9 lives to you. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Name: Becky Lengua
IP Address:
Country: Va.USA Date: Tue Oct 16 00:00:52 2007
Comment: catman-counting the days til we`re in key west again.lov.e all your kitties.hurry up,take your time

Name: Carolyn & Charlie Dawson
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 15 14:55:53 2007
Comment: We were in Key West for our 25th Wedding Anniversary & loved the cat show!! Thanks for the entertainment!

Name: Maria Mitchell
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 14 15:51:34 2007
Comment: Never in my life have I been so entertained, while on vacation to key west myself and my family visited this show twice just to be in dominiques presence. There is so much talent in his show, himself and the cats of course... and there is this humor that he has that I have never seen of anyone I know. He makes me feel like a child watching my first magic trick, he makes me giggle, and I leave his show with a big smile on my face that I couldn't shake for the entire night. I LOVE THE CATMAN!

Name: Ben and Sheri
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 3 11:18:02 2007
Comment: We are just back from Key West where we greatly enjoyed your performance and the performance of your impressive felines. How do you do it? I saw your show three times and stood in amazement at each. Your humor, love of animals, and showmanship are first rate. Thanks for brightening our day and making us smile.

Name: Lynn Rowe
IP Address:
Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 3 07:43:42 2007
Comment: We were on vacation during September 07 and came to see your's truly amazing! We have cats ourselves, so appreciate the work and love that must go into training yours to perform in such a relaxed and fun/entertaining way....we have told all of our friends and they are just as impressed as we were!

Name: Nancy
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 1 13:05:31 2007
Comment: As a cat lover, I couldn't help but admire the imagination and dedication that so clearly goes into your cat show. Your quips were great, the cats are beautiful and talented, and this is perhaps the most entertaining show I've ever experienced. Thank you!

Name: Cole & Stephanie R.
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 24 16:25:57 2007
Comment: This is an amazing show. By far the most entertaining performer at Mallory Square. This is an absolute MUST SEE for all Key West visitors. I've seen him twice, 1993 and 2007, and will go back every time I'm in Key West, which isn't often enough. His love for animals is very apparent and the show is GREAT for all ages.

Name: Elizabeth & Diane
IP Address:
Country: USA / Conch Rep Date: Thu Sep 13 20:35:13 2007
Comment: Dominique and Cat family, I've been seeing you for many years and no trip to the CR would be complete without you and your fab felines. Thank you all for reminding me to "be completely in harmony with myself". Congrats on your continued success. Happy nine lives to you all.

Name: Cheryl Peters
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 5 19:20:48 2007
Comment: I have seen your show 2 time now in the past month...I can't tell you how much I love it. I have always loved cats and wish I could rescue them all. We have 6 rescues with us at this time. Jake, unfortunately went to another universe to live, I miss him so ^..~

Name: Treva
IP Address:
Country: US Date: Tue Sep 4 09:46:24 2007
Comment: Loved the show. I have a cat that looks very much like Cossette.

Name: Yvonne Cameron
IP Address:
Country: Canada Date: Sun Aug 12 18:52:28 2007
Comment: YOU ARE AWESOME~Thank you~

Name: Jodi Everett
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 10 22:18:36 2007
Comment: Dominique: Your show is the best....highlight of Mallory square----Thank you so much for all that you give your are truly one of a kind!!!!!

Name: annabell
IP Address:
Country: fl Date: Wed Aug 8 18:59:23 2007
Comment: i saw your show while visting key west. i loved it

Name: The Wilson\'s
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 4 13:16:42 2007
Comment: Thanks for a great show. My children enjoyed watching your show a couple of times when we were in key west. You are full of wonderful energy and glow. Please keep it up. My family and I look forward to see you and your cats soon. Stay well

Name: Teresa Elder
IP Address:
Country: United States Date: Thu Aug 2 21:37:42 2007
Comment: I love you, your show and your beautiful cats you have a great way with cats and that is saying a lot!! You can tell your cats really love you too. I was there July 24th to Aug. 1, 2007. I hope you continue to do well and maybe someday you willmake it up to Richmond, Virginia and do a show. I will get your vidio soon also. Again best of luck on many more good years, Love, Teresa

Name: Nicole
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 30 20:33:05 2007
Comment: I have no idea how you trained cats. They should put you in charge of solving world peace because you can obviously do the impossible. I enjoyed your show so much I had to see it twice. I laughed just as hard as the three-year-olds! Amazing!

Name: Deb Jackson
IP Address:
Country: US Date: Wed Jul 18 13:39:44 2007
Comment: Every time I come to Key West I look forward to seeing Dominique and the cats.

Name: skyler
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sat Jul 14 13:59:13 2007
Comment: me and my family have come to your shows for the past two years i alaways love them and they are alaways great keep it up

Name: jeff
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 13 13:34:25 2007
Comment: chopannnnnnnnnnnnn de rope!!!!!!


Name: jeff
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 13 13:33:21 2007
Comment: Thank you msr cat man dominique. my family and i loved you show. now hurry up, take your time. go back to your seat. WE LOVE YOU and thank you for making our key west adventure purrrfect. bon ape***e


Name: Zoe
IP Address:
Country: WA state USA Date: Mon Jul 9 22:19:15 2007
Comment: We had so much fun watching you and your kitties in a show (Feb 2007). My 3 1/2 year old daughter loved it so much, we watched it twice. Thank you for such a fun time and for taking such good care of your kitties. We have two, and I'm sure someday my daughter will be trying to teach them tricks.

Name: Donna
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 9 11:19:59 2007
Comment: I have seen your amazing show several times and I love it. You and your cats are amazing. I come there several times a year and I always come to see you. Donna Kalb of Lake Park, Florida

Name: Melissa Garabedian
IP Address:
Country: Date: Wed Jul 4 19:32:49 2007
Comment: Oscar!

Name: Cosette
IP Address:
Country: france Date: Tue Jul 3 11:10:18 2007
Comment: Dominique,
You are an amazing person and your cats are very well trained. When I came to Key West from France I noticed your cat was named Cosette too. I love you and your cats. you made me a cat lover.

Name: courtney johnson
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sat Jun 30 22:40:09 2007
Comment: You are awesome! You are half of the reason I want to come back to Key West in my life time!
Thank you for your work and for what a great memory it has been for me!

Name: Joyce Rowland
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 25 15:15:49 2007
Comment: Watching your funny feline friends (and you, of course!) was the highlight of my trip to Key West with my partner, Danny. We stayed for all of the shows and truly enjoyed hearing about how you rescue your cat companions.

The best of luck. Kiss the critters for me!

Joyce Rowland
(the woman who told you she has 21 cats!)

Name: Betsy
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 23 00:01:51 2007
Comment: Hello we saw you again this month. You are fantastic of course!!! We are the Texas people who used to live in Key West and also saw you at the Texas State fair. We love you and the kitties so much. Betsy

Name: shannon
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Thu Jun 14 22:21:48 2007
Comment: We loved your show, and tipped you well on our trip there in June 2007!! Great job, kiss the cats for us, "hurry up take your time "

Name: Jim & Karen Barrett
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri May 18 09:47:07 2007
Comment: Glad you're still there with your beauties. We've not been since around 1994, but best memories are of you & the kitters.
Jim/Karen/Charlituna the big yellow DLH catonaleash and Barni Bear Catcher of the Sun (pom)

Name: Mary Mercer
IP Address:
Country: England Date: Fri May 11 16:03:21 2007
Comment: Hello Dominique, we saw you last year and we are coming back in May to see you again in the square. Take care of those *** cats...Mary x
Name: Amy
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Thu May 10 21:25:26 2007
Comment: Monsieur LeFort,
Many years (>15) have passed since I first saw you and your beautiful cats. I have never forgotten that magical experience as I was spellbound while watching you and the cats!! In fact, you and the cats were ONE of the two reasons that I traveled to Key West from South Carolina. The other reason was to see the kitties at the Ernest Hemingway home. I treasure my photos from that vacation very much. Give all the kitties a kiss on the whiskers from their Tante Aimee in S

Name: Amy
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon May 7 17:03:12 2007
Comment: Was in Key West last week and I thought your show was soooo funny and enjoyable. You did such a wonderful job!

Name: Lori Degruise/Joe Vilcan
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri May 4 19:00:30 2007
Comment: We were in Key West for the Conch Republic Festival and spent every evening watching the sunset and letting you and your wonderful cats entertain us. Thank you for an awesome treat!!! We have been repeating your phrases daily. Every time we think of your show, it puts a smile on our faces. Sincerely, Lori and Joe, Metairie, Louisiana

Name: Gary
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 30 08:53:40 2007
Comment: We have seen you several times on the island but unfortunately we haven't been down since 2000. Why don't you perform at the Georgia Renaissance anymore? " open your eyes on the stage"

Name: Celia Klein
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 29 18:49:18 2007

Name: Marcell & Marisa
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 28 21:05:26 2007
Comment: We are enjoying the video! Have a great time in France. Loved meeting up with you in Key West. Stay safe and well. Hope to see you again soon. Love from NY.

Name: Eric S
IP Address:
Country: Date: Thu Apr 26 20:36:42 2007
Comment: Stay where you are!

Name: Suzanne Duncan
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 16 15:00:02 2007
Comment: We have revisited to see you each time come down.
This year we brought our granddaughter who is 4 yrs. old to see your wonderful act.

We asked her what was her favorite of all things at Key West and she said the "Cats" at Sunset Pier.

Thank you so much for making lasting good memory for me and my family.


Name: josh ottenberg
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sun Apr 15 21:45:30 2007
Comment: Thank you so much for the show. We expedition to Key west every couple years and my children always look forward to your show.

Years ago, Karen the aussie nurse told us about you when she sat for our kids. That re4ally turned them on to you. I do not know what happened to her, but I hope she is well.

My son and daughter were thrilled to be pulled in by yuou to participate a couple weeks ago when we werree there. I have a picture, but do not knoe how to attach it. jo

Name: Elana (again)
IP Address:
Country: U.S.A Date: Sun Apr 8 20:01:48 2007
Comment: My family is very particular on what they like...there are three things food...Hemingways House and seeing the CatMan every night...they are big cat people and love to imagine what you will do next year...thanks for making our trip so it is a tradition to see the cat man!!!


Elana, Laura, James, Jeremy, Eric, Elizabeth


Name: Elana
IP Address:
Country: Date: Sun Apr 8 19:56:48 2007
Comment: We go to your show every year and some how figure out how to use things like Clap...Clap...Clap for the BASKET! in our everyday life for a laugh. This year we are going to see you the first day we get to Florida. It will be our fifth year...SEE YOU THERE

Name: Wendy Geise
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 8 19:52:59 2007
Comment: We enjoyed your show so much last year that we spent Spring Break in the Keys again this year. Once again we came to two of your shows and were not disappointed. You and your feline friends are amazing! Our son bought your DVD and watched it in the car. Now he's trying to train our cat to "stay where you are.." jump from barstool to barstool, etc. I think I'd better hide the lighter!!
Bless you and your kitties, Dominique!
The Geise Family
Atlanta, GA

Name: Bennett
IP Address:
Country: England Date: Tue Apr 3 17:11:19 2007
Comment: Stay where you are amazing, we loved your show at Key West November 2006 such clever little cats...Mooooon and Choopaaiiiiin! May your sweet little cats have a never ending flow of sushi..they deserve it Ha Ha! Go back to your seat! Catman you are amazing. It was just the purrrrfect setting for your show, after watching the sunset at Key West.Stay just as you are! Luv from Heather and family in England xxxx