Name: erin
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sun Jun 28 23:09:05 2009
Comment: I was just in keywest, I live in tampa and when I saw your show , oh my god, I don't think I could stop laughing about it for days ! thanks for the entertamement !

Name: amy
IP Address:
Country: united states Date: Fri Jun 26 10:39:21 2009
Comment: Our family loved your show. 6-22-09 Very entertaining, keep up the good show. (go back to your seat) see you next time,clap,clap,clap. The Nicarry's

Name: Robin (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sun Jun 21 08:36:41 2009
Comment: My family and I really loved and enjoyed your show last weekend 18/06/09, The thunder storms cut yer shows a little short though. Thank you and a big Meoooow from Missmeow, Robin

Name: Nicolas Antoni
IP Address:
Country: France Date: Fri Jun 19 17:19:19 2009
Comment: Salut dominique!! Félicitation pour ton show hilarant avec tes chats!! Cela a vraiment été le moment mémorable de mon périple en floride! Bonne continuation!! Nicolas, Alsace

Name: Peggy Harrell
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 17 16:18:48 2009
Comment: We love you and the kitties, always entertaining even after seeing the show numerous times!!!

Name: Michele
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 14 20:14:59 2009
Comment: I've never seen your show, but have wanted to for years. I did not see you the last two times I visited Key West. When and How can I see your performance? Many Thanks! Michele

Name: Lori
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 9 11:49:48 2009
Comment: We were there for your show Sunday, June 7th. Awesome...Please let us know if you come to Atlanta! Love to the kitties...


Name: Veronica
IP Address:
Country: Houston, TX Date: Sun Jun 7 13:12:48 2009
Comment: So happy to find you on web! Found your video 2ndhand shop. Played it for our folks in assisted living home. We loved it! Over & over! & circus & tapes of little children singing & playing - their very favorites! I'm happy to see you are still performing! What a joy to share! Thank you!! My 2 cats are very vocal & we talk & have our routines too! Have you looked at YouTube? A good venue for you, another outlet! Search 'cheezburger' cat for laughs. Here's a Big Hug for you all! LOL! God bles

Name: Sasha Gibson
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri May 22 10:50:47 2009
Comment: Hi Cat Man - I hope you cats are doing great & I'll see you on Sunday~

Name: Robert & Bridget West
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon May 18 22:40:49 2009
Comment: I've seen your show SO many times and You are INCREDIBLE with your lovely cats. The last couple of times, I have visited with my new Bride Bridget and I love it that You remember me every time we come see you. I will tell many people about your show and I hope that You AND ALL your cats live long, peaceful lives..........Thank You for being who you are

Name: Louis & Martine
IP Address:
Country: FRANCE Date: Fri May 8 05:52:26 2009
Comment: Bonjour à toi, je t'expédierai très rapidement les photos faites la semaine passée! Nous revenons début juillet..

Name: Jeff Sheila Tom
IP Address:
Country: US Date: Sun May 3 20:51:56 2009
Comment: clap clap clap for Jack - he is our dog and has "NOA TAIL" and he is in complete harmony with himself...he is a dog and he can't climb a ***e. hurry up, slow down, take your time - see you next trip to the Keys:)

Name: Sally
IP Address:
Country: United States Date: Thu Apr 30 21:44:10 2009
Comment: We've been going to Key West every Christmas for over a dozen years, and I have to see Dominique and his cats every time--absolutely amazing, so funny I always laugh out loud--and come away touched and happy. Thanks for the wonderfully demented joy he brings et merci, aussi, cher chats plus charmant! Dominique and Company.

Name: Kim
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sun Apr 26 13:39:38 2009
Comment: We saw your show in late March, 2009. A wonderful show, backlit by a wonderful sunset. We sat in front and marveled as your "children " jumped through hoops, over each other, from stand to stand and through fire. Never mind, Oscar, mingling amongst the crowd and the children, in obedience. Hurry up! Take your time.

Name: Lorin
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 18 18:40:26 2009
Comment: I saw you I believe it was two days ago. I am back in New Jersey now, I was on vacation with my friend. You put on a great show. I am a big cat lover, and to see you with the cats, and the bond that you had with them was really sweet, and cool, too. Every year you just get better and better! Hope to see you next year! : )

Name: stacey heuer
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Thu Apr 16 19:27:55 2009
Comment: hello! i saw you march 2009---i love you and all of your cats! so wonderful to have had the opportunity to see your show--- hope to get the chance again--love and light, stacey from vermont

Name: Lisa Betten
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Thu Apr 16 17:41:39 2009
Comment: My family enjoyed your show and we all try to talk like you almost everyday. I'm still trying to figure out what is really going on inside your mind!!!! We'll definately always remember this vaca because of your show! My 2 boys were in the show and loved it! Thanks for giving us a "family friendly" show.
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Name: Erin Vahl
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 13 14:22:07 2009
Comment: Dominique - I loved your cat show as a child and on March March 30th I introduced my 2 children (ages 3 & 5) to the show. They loved it! Thanks for entertaining us and many others year after year.

Name: Tanya Sharkey (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Tue Apr 7 19:53:07 2009
Comment: Well, It was an immense pleasure to once again see you and your amazing kitties on our trip to Key West. My Gavin even got to be in your show, with 'Moon' on the last night of our trip. He was thrilled. I still adore Cosette, no tail:-) We look forward to returning next April and seeing you and the kitties once again!! Thank you, Tanya Sharkey