January, February, March and April 2006
Name: cassy
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 30 12:04:14 2006
Comment: it is sad I found your site to late, I had an awesome male blue-eyed cat named Sam. A resuse from Tenn. I trained him not to go in the kithcen, go and sit or stay. He was my friend but I had to take him and one other to the pound as I have COPD and couldn 't handle the smell and hair. Its people like you who save the babies, Hoping you are a big success Cassy

Name: Mike Dow (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: scotland Date: Sat Apr 29 20:22:05 2006
Comment: seen your show, the day the disney ship sailed away, you were great. key west rocks, or does it pur!

Name: Ravenstar (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: Catland Date: Sat Apr 29 06:43:32 2006

Name: Ivan DuBois
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 24 12:29:05 2006
Comment: Your flying house cats really inspired me!! I loved your show with all my heart. You made my trip to Key West an unforgetable experience!!! Thank you so so much! Clap clap clap clap for Ivan Dubois!!!! March 2006


Name: Karen Derr
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 18 15:44:26 2006
Comment: I loved your show and I finally got to see it, all the times I have been to Key West and always wanted to see it. So I went with some girlfriends and I told them that I have to see the catman and I did. LOVED IT!!!!!!

Name: Matthew Marcus (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: Canada Date: Tue Apr 18 13:07:41 2006
Comment: Hurry up! Take your time! Come here! Stay where you are! LOL! What a most EXCELLENT show Mr. Cat Man. You truly have something special there in Key West. Thanks for sharing the show with us. :)

- Matthew (Vancouver, Canada)

Name: The Williams Family (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 16 20:13:32 2006
Comment: We have finally found you and are coming to Key West to see the show. We saw you at the Georgia Ren Fest and have truly missed you. Tell the kitties to get ready. "Your lines...."

See you soon,
Tara, Stan and Katy

Name: Hopey
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 15 19:01:07 2006
Comment: My mom and I were both amazed and entertained by your show two nights ago. After one of the cats jumped from perch to perch, he rubbed up against your face and gave you a kiss...very obviously a sign of affection for the special relationship you have with your cat crew. Clap-clap-clap for you, Domenique, and your fabulous felines. Much love to you and all the cats for the joy you bring to all of us who visit. :)

Until we meet again...hurry up, take your time...

IP Address:
Country: US Date: Thu Apr 13 20:42:23 2006



NO TAIL- NO TAIL. ......


Name: Wendy Geise
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 12 17:18:28 2006
Comment: We had the pleasure of seeing Dominique and his amazing kitties last week (April 5) over Spring Break! We had been camping on Bahia Honda for a week. Well, we enjoyed your show so much that we had to drive back down for more the next night!
It is obvious how much you love and care for your kitties. We love you and can't wait to come back next year!
Stay where you are..............

Name: The Morrisons
IP Address:
Country: N.Attleboro MA Date: Sat Apr 8 01:46:49 2006

Name: Kelly Hagen
IP Address:
Country: Date: Sat Apr 1 15:24:48 2006
Comment: Hello Dominigue, April 1, 2006

This was my second visit to key west and I had to show you off to my husband. Ha ha ha ha, We clapped clapped for you as we took our time enjoying you and your lovely kitties. A trip to key west would not be complete without seeing you. Thank you for making it special.

Name: Kristen
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 1 14:41:03 2006
Comment: Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for our family. You are our hero because you can get cats to do things that no one else can. We can't even get our cats to use the litter box.

Name: Chelsey
IP Address:
Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Mar 31 14:51:40 2006
Comment: hey catman! thanks for the awsome cat show you were so funny and i love OSCAAAAAAR i am excited again to see your show for the third time i loved it!!


Name: maryanne
IP Address:
Country: ohio,columbus Date: Thu Mar 30 23:38:19 2006
Comment: We last saw you at the Banana Cafe with your daughter. We love your show and tell everyone about you.Have been enjoying the "cats" since 1992 and haven't missed a year. God bless you and your family. Mary Anne and Steve

Name: Mimi Elmore (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: Colorado, USA Date: Tue Mar 28 00:01:30 2006
Comment: We saw you perform with your cats in Oct. 0f 2001 and I still remember how incredible they were.

Name: randi buchanan sherrer
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Mon Mar 27 18:25:52 2006
Comment: were in the keys the week of 3/17 thru 3/25: your show was one of my all time favorite things. it still lingers in my mind and will always be a fond memory. we look forward to our next visit. my kitty "itty-bitty" wishes she could soar through hoops as well as your kitties. again, mant thanks

Name: Shawnna Rovegno
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 26 16:52:37 2006
Comment: I had a wonderful time at your show, we stayed to see both of them on Wed. March 22nd. We were on our Honey moon from Daytona Beach. We have 4 cats of our own,(all boys and all black) my parents raise Himalayans, Flame points, I raise Manx. We just had a wonderful time. We are returning in the summertime, and are excited to see your show again. Thank you for making so many people have with your excellent show. Love To to your kittys. See you soon the New Mrs.Rovegno (Shawnna)

IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Wed Mar 22 20:28:09 2006
Comment: we loved your show and we are cat lovers. we have twoin the house, very independent, but affectionate. Sophie and Daphne. good luck to you and your family. they really are a family. lyn

Name: Joan Parsons
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 14 13:08:54 2006
Comment: Love your show and all the kitties. Can't wait to return to KW to see you all again.

Name: Ann Meyer
IP Address:
Country: Date: Tue Mar 7 14:07:28 2006
Comment: We were in KW last week and were lucky enough to catch one of your shows and it was GREAT! It's amazing how you've trained those cats! :) Hope to see you again soon.

Ann Meyer
Charleston, SC

Name: Alain Dassaud (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: Canada Date: Mon Mar 6 18:28:14 2006
Comment: Salut Dominique,

Nous allons chaque année à Key West et tu es un souvenir important dans chacun de nos passages. Nous serons mon épouse et moi à Key West du 13 au 17 octobre et cette fois-ci nous irons te saluer personnellement. Oh j'oubliais je suis un compatriote qui vit à Montréal depuis 30 ans( ma douce moitié est québéquoise) alors en ex-patriés nous prendrons le verre de l'amitié.:))))))))))))))))))
À bientôt
Alain & Nathalie

Name: Darrell Anthony (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 1 16:22:23 2006
Comment: Saw the show last week. Was one of the high points of our vacation! Would not miss this show for the world!

Name: Chuck
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 23 22:56:44 2006
Comment: I may hold the record for watching your shows but I am still amazed and entertained every time I see it. Keep up the good work – I am looking forward to the next show!


Name: Wendy Hassler
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 20 16:34:15 2006
Comment: I have seen your shows in Key West 5 or 6 times now and I loved them. I try to go to the sunset celebration just to see your act. You and your cats are great!

Name: Jill Stringer
IP Address:
Country: United stares Date: Fri Feb 17 10:04:44 2006
Comment: hey i jsut found your site but i was in keywet in may of 2005 and me and my two little cousins were amazed by your show...we thought that it was really awesome so i borught there mom to see it and the whole time we were cracking up...people that i knew were going to key west i told them to go and see your really funny show i loved it i thought it was really amazing watching what you could do with those cats and when i go back to key west i will definitly go and see your show many times..

Name: Barbara
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 13 16:38:38 2006
Comment: So enjoyed your show that we came back the second night we were there asnd stayred for two performances...also a treat to watch the reactions of others seeing you for the first time.
February 2006

Name: Cathy
IP Address:
Country: Virginia, USA Date: Wed Feb 8 03:36:22 2006
Comment: Dominique, was just checking out your web site. I have seen you show 2 or 3 times now, and it never ceases to amaze me how you get your cats to do the things they do. Do you think my cats are trainable? Do you think you could teach them a thing or two? haha!! Your show was our favorite of all of the shows in Mallory Square. We enjoyed it immensely each time!!! My daughter especially enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. CATS ROCK!! We have 3 cats of our own.

Name: Rhonda Nobbe
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 5 14:14:43 2006
Comment: Was just in key west the last week of jan and I have seen your show many times and I am always intertained. Thank you so much

Name: Joshua Murdock (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 29 09:28:29 2006
Comment: You Rock! I sent you a e-mail; you might be intrested in reading it. keep up all the puuurfect preformances

Name: OTIS
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 25 17:55:26 2006
Comment: I saw your show during the recent sailboat races
& enjoyed it,as always! many thanks for the auto-
graphed picture for our cats @ home,slackers that
they are.

Name: Kate O\'Neill
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 23 17:56:49 2006
Comment: Hello!! I saw you and your cats perform all last week and enjoyed every minute!! Thank you for your talents and fun. Our hotel room was right above where your stage is and I wouldn't have picked a different room. We'll see you again, I'm sure. Again, many thanks.

Name: jeannie peer
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Mon Jan 23 07:26:05 2006
Comment: thank you dominque for the memories! your love and appreciation of the cats shows thru wonderfully. if we all simply 'messed about' with our pets, yes the world would be a better place. i want to carry on saying gushy things but i will hurry up, take my time and go back to my seat

Name: Maryann
IP Address:
Country: Stow, Ohio Date: Mon Jan 23 00:10:03 2006
Comment: I just watched HGTV's Great Hotels segment on Key West and found a few scenes of you and the kitties at Sunset Celebration. It brought back great memories of when we saw your show a few years ago! Hope to visit again soon! Love your website and anticipate seeing your video.We have a cat with 24 toes - 6 on each paw. His name is Joe Bigfoot! Meow for now! Maryann & John - Stow, Ohio


Name: Rafael Avila (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Wed Jan 18 12:55:07 2006
Comment: Dominique out of mallory square you have the best show i love the talent and how did you do it .
Are you sorround by catnip thats why you so crazy ?
i want to share some pics i took of you and your kitties
i build websites so if you ever on need of animation let me know
i will do it for free
domique i own 2 cats and i wish i could teach some tricks to them any tips?
THANK YOU RafaelAvila

Name: Dana
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 17 12:49:41 2006
Comment: My 9 year old son saw your show last weekend and loved it so much we stayed for the second one! Now if I can just get him to stop saying "hurry up, take your time, hurry up".....

Name: Susan
IP Address:
Country: Dundalk Md. Date: Tue Jan 17 09:07:16 2006
Comment: You love your "job" and cats for sure.
You make the world feel a little more secure.
For love of animals reflects back to mankind
And teaches us all a good lesson to be kind.

Thanks for a great show on my last visit to
beautiful Key West. You can never have enough
sunsets, Dominique. Lucky you & stay well.


Name: Carolyn Bray
IP Address:
Country: Canada Date: Sun Jan 15 16:48:46 2006
Comment: Hi Dominique,
I saw your show several times about 12 years ago and I was absolutely blown away. I will be visiting Key West in about 2 weeks and would LOVE to see you again for as many shows as possible. Please let me know if you will be performing on Jan 31 or Feb 1. I will be so disappointed if you are not there.
Thank you.
Carolyn Bray

Name: Susan
IP Address:
Country: US Date: Sat Jan 14 13:15:17 2006
Comment: My sincere sympathy on the loss of Sharky...it's always hard to lose a family member.

Name: Leo
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 9 12:30:06 2006
Comment: Saw your show in early 90's. Looking forward to a repeat performance on 2/19/2006 with my special guests, cat lovers!!

Name: Brian
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 7 18:15:15 2006
Comment: My wife and I saw your show in 9/01 and were amazed. Now, we have a two year-old daughter, and we're bringing her with us in February. We hope to see you then. She loves our kitties -- I can only picture the look on her face!

Name: Sherry
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 2 20:15:00 2006
Comment: Dear Catman,
Just a quick note to tell you that it was your encouragement that helped me pass my state test to get my nursing boards. I sat in the middle of the test and said to myself "You can do it, it's all in your mind." Thanks for your help! :-)

Name: Clare
IP Address:
Country: UK Date: Mon Jan 2 07:50:09 2006
Comment: Hi Dominique
We met you 3 years ago at New Year in key west & have told everyone we know to visit you. Our friends are in Key West now - Colin & Maureen from England, we are all cat mad, and they will probably remind you of us when you see them.
Love to all the kitties, we still clap, clap, clap for them, and watch your video when we need a catman fix. Take good care of yourself & the kitties
Clare & Russell in England