July, August and September-  2005
Name: Sandra Magers
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Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 30 18:17:30 2005
Comment: My husband and I attended the State Fair of Texas in 2004 expressly to see Dominique and His Flying Housecats! We really enjoyed the lovely kitties and you, of course! Having had a manx cat, I favored the little Manx, but they were really all fantastic, whether they did the tricks or not. It really didn 't matter, we just loved the kitties and you! We certainly hope that you come to Dallas again soon with the kitties to entertain, enlighten and engage all of us once more! Have a great day

Name: Dean & Nancy
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Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 25 14:04:38 2005
Comment: Hi Dominique!

Our Blessings for Sharky.

We met sharky in Feb, 2003. We had our picture taken with him and will always keep him in our hearts.

We will also do the same for Piggy!

Meooooowww, Dean & Nancy

Name: Sue
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Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 13 22:32:25 2005
Comment: Me my partner and my 6 year old watched a video of your show (that I took way back when)
I told my daughter that I cant wait to take her to see you in Key West.
then today out of the blue I decided to check out your web page and find out my fave cat of yours has passed.....I am sooo sorry to see that....

Name: Kim
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Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 13 12:24:00 2005
Comment: Just returned from lovely Key West and, without a doubt, The Catman and his friends were the highlight of my visit. Bravo!


Name: Anna
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Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 8 17:11:53 2005
Comment: Clap Clap Clap for the Cat Man. Truly enjoyed your show and wish you all the best of luck and happiness for you and your lovely cats in the future.

Name: glory
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Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 5 21:39:35 2005
Comment: Dear Dominique,
It was 11 years ago that we brought our 2 young children to Key West to enjoy the magic of the sunset celebration. We all fell in love with you, and with Sharky, too. Just last week, barely misssing Hurricane Katrina, my husband and I returned to Key West, delighted to see your show once again. You are a national treasure!
Thank you, Catmutha.

Name: Charlie (Homepage)
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Country: UK Date: Sun Sep 4 14:50:56 2005

Name: scott williams
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Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 3 17:23:41 2005
Comment: vacationed in key west in july 2005, your show was great. cannot wait to come back and see it again.

Name: Claudia Sundman \"SummerThor\" (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: Boaters Date: Tue Aug 30 11:27:41 2005
Comment: Dear Dominique,

I am SO sorry to hear about Sharky! I loved your show when we spent the better part of 2004 in Key West. I know you love your cat friends and treat them kindly. My condolences!

Name: Fonseca
IP Address:
Country: Switzerland Date: Mon Aug 29 13:48:33 2005
Comment: Dear Catman
We saw your Show at Mallory Square on August 10th 2005. We were totally impressed by this show with these beautiful cats. Only very sensitive and intelligent human beings can do that. We adore you for your ablility. We also have got 3 cats, but they train us to be their servant. I forgot to buy a DVD. I will do that per mail order. Key West was our favourite place during our roundtrip through Florida and you and the cats were one of the reasons for it. greetings C. Fonseca

Name: Sandra
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 27 20:29:11 2005
Comment: Saw you and your beautiful cats in Keywest in July 2005. Keep up the good work! We will see you next year!
In thanks,
Sandra and Charlie

Name: Katie Browder
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 22 19:57:23 2005
Comment: Both you and the cats put on a wonderful show. It is clear that you treat the cats well, that they love you, and that you are having so much fun doing what you do - making people smile, connecting with people, and connecting with the cats! Thank you!

Name: Linda White
IP Address:
Country: US Date: Sun Aug 21 23:12:10 2005
Comment: Hi Dominque, My name is Linda and my friend's name is Karon (with an "O" ). You were so kind to autograph a photo postcard for each of us. I appreciated your artistic creativeness that I saw and became so fasinated with in your show. I also sensed your genuine love for your cats and felt I was getting to watch you interact with your "family" as well as being playfully entertained. You are great and I feel fortunate to have been touched by you (and your "family"). I wish you happiness-Lind

Name: Bonnie and Bob Crook
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Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 21 08:22:22 2005
Comment: Clap Clap Clap for you. Clap clap clap for Sharkey too. Your show and the sunset are Key Wests biggest treasures. We loved seeing you and your kitties Thursday night, and will never miss you when we are there. That was us waving to you "Dominique" style from the Western Union Friday night. Now we are trying to get our three kitties to do tricks. They are not clapping. See you next time, and thanks to you and the furry gang.


Name: Phiny
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 20 15:01:48 2005
Comment: We saw your cats again in Key West this year. This time we had 2 small grandchildren with us. They were totally entertained & sat on the first row, next to me.
Thanks again.

Name: jilli (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 19 09:58:55 2005
Comment: Hello from Atlanta!
Jet Boy, Shay and Jilli love Dominique and The Circus Cats. You've brought joy and entertainment to the lives of many people! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Smiles, jilli

Name: dave
IP Address:
Country: us Date: Sun Aug 14 10:15:10 2005
Comment: hi dominique,
how are the cats?

Name: Austin Moberly
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 27 19:43:00 2005
Comment: Crazy Man, of all the things we did in Key west, we were fascinated and will always remember you and the cats. Good Luck ! Oscarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Name: Daniel F.
IP Address:
Country: U.S.A Date: Tue Jul 26 14:30:31 2005
Comment: I went to Key West w/ Boy Scouts. We had A great time at your show. I recomend it to anyone.

Name: Lindsaia
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 26 10:13:15 2005
Comment: Hey i have heard from many people that you are the best !!!! I am goin to key west in like a year!!!I am train to talk my mom into lettin me go, so if i get to go i will go watch you !!! Tell your cats i said good luck on there next show and i love them !!! ttyl BYE

Name: Sydney
IP Address:
Country: United States Date: Mon Jul 25 00:16:44 2005
Comment: i saw you last week and you are soo funny and i love how your were so serious but then when the cat wouldn't do the trick you started laughing well i just thought i would let you know and don't ever quit doing the show it's the best show of the sunset celebration

Name: michele (Homepage)
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Country: US Date: Sat Jul 23 23:32:58 2005
Comment: I saw the show this past week for the firstt time ever and is my favorite memory of our honeymoon in Key West. I laughed lots and adored the cats!

Name: Laura Tenbrook
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 19 20:41:45 2005
Comment: I LOVED the kitties! I would certainly come back to see the show again!!

Name: cayce and chace
IP Address:
Country: united states Date: Sat Jul 16 11:17:40 2005
Comment: you are an awsome cat trainer. we went to see you july 13, 2005. you signed our post cards. you are just unbielable. we are the ones that my mom and dad told you that they watched you 14 years ago when she was on her honeymoon. we will be back in like 10 months . we cant wait to see you again tell your cats luv ya and ttyl bye p.s your the best!!!!!!!


Name: Pete Endsley
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 14 16:19:00 2005
Comment: Your cat show in Key West was one of the high points of our visit. Enjoyed by my entire family. Although when I returned home in Lompoc Ca. I found it difficult to describe the show, your cats and you. So I ordered your video. Now there is a list of friends who want come to Key West to see the show live. Thank you for the entertainment.

Name: Carson Conyngham
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 12 16:12:37 2005
Comment: We were in Key West the week of July 4th and caught your show a couple times. We loved it! We loved all your kitties, but Os-caaaar was our favorite! I have a cat at home - I'm trying to teach her to show me her faaangs! Thanks for the memories! We'll be back soon! Carson

Name: Megan (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 9 09:21:54 2005
Comment: 18 years of watching your wonderful show! I miss you already! I will be back next summer to see you and John! I love all your kitties and you! Take care and keep in touch! ((hug))

Name: Katie
IP Address:
Country: Date: Sun Jul 3 21:41:30 2005
Comment: hey dominique!!! my friends camilla, char, cortney and i just LOVED ur show...it was so funny...HURRY UP TAKE YOUR TIME...the picture that we all took with you is just sooo funny...and so is your DVD...we watched it the whole way home (islamorada)...well cant wait to c ur show next year!!! ~Katie

Name: kathy
IP Address:
Country: Date: Sun Jul 3 21:31:51 2005
Comment: loved you're show! tell oscar i said meow!!

Much love,
-Kathy~ Carson city, Nevada

Name: Lizzy
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 3 21:27:57 2005
Comment: Hey Dominique, you rock and your cats do too!
The T-shirt I got at you’re show is my ultimate favorite! Everyone like to read the comic bubbles, they’re so funny! I also got the matching poster, which my friend Ali and I colored in.
You’re the best!

Name: camilla
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 3 21:17:15 2005
Comment: Hi Dominique, I just got back from Florida yesterday and the highlight of the trip was most definitely coming to key west for the day from Islamorada (where we were staying) and seeing you perform. On the car ride back we enjoyed watching the DVD that we bought and we now treasure the picture we got taken of my friends and I with you, it's very funny! Thanks,

Name: Gary & Erma Head
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 2 22:23:03 2005
Comment: We love the DVD and highly recommend that others buy it to share with friends & family. We were in Key 06-12 through 18th. Only one night we missed your show.

You & Your Furry Friends are Awesome.

Sincerely, Gary & Erma HeaD

Name: The Whytes
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 1 20:49:59 2005
Comment: Dominique, We just love your show! We visited Key West for the second time and had to watch your cat show again. How exciting! NOW CLAP FOR US AND WE'LL CLAP FOR YOU!!

Name: Deanna
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 1 15:50:20 2005
Comment: I 've seen almost all of your website. I 've only seen your show twice because I live far from Key West. Clap, clap, clap, for Sharky and I hope he find Rusty (my old cat who died) somewhere where there is lots of sushie!

Name: a
IP Address:
Country: Date: Thu Jun 30 14:11:47 2005
Comment: Saw your show in Key West over Memorial Day Weekend 2005. It was amazing how you 've trained these house cats to do the things they do!! I 'm with the other guest 's post on here...wish we could train our cats to quit waking up so early!! Thanks for the great show!

Name: carla
IP Address:
Country: Date: Thu Jun 30 14:10:31 2005
Comment: Hi Dominique!!! I was in Key West this past weekend for my father-in-law's book kick off (where he included you in one of his 3 books, so you might want to check them out! His name is Bob Adamov). I had the opportunity and priviledge of watching your show and I LOVED it!!! You are so talented and your cats are precious. My husband and I went back the next day where we made sure we were there early so we could sit down and have front row seats! :o)

Name: Deanna
IP Address:
Country: Date: Thu Jun 30 14:09:24 2005
Comment: Date:
Thursday, June 30, 2005
Nice show! clap,clap,clap for Dominique and the kitties! My favorite kitty was Oscar! This show is really amazing. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!!! -Deanna State College, PA