May, June, July and August 2006
Name: Kevin Rodriguez
IP Address:
Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Aug 28 15:14:59 2006
Comment: Thankyou for many years of entertainment I am sorry to hear about sharky and piggy but they entertained many people for many years. They will be missed but not forgotten!

Name: cool person
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Country: Date: Sat Aug 26 15:48:18 2006
Comment: hey catman your show is funny. you thought i was weird because i kept laughing so hard

Name: Marisa Reece
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Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 21 18:45:42 2006
Comment: I just saw you about a week ago while i was in Key West. It was so great to see you againg after six years. You probubly know me i was the girl on the boat with all the crazy people on it yelling to you whial you were doing your show.

Name: Solange (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: France - USA Date: Sun Aug 20 18:34:41 2006
Comment: Hello !
Comme promis, je laisse un message !! Je tenais a vous feliciter pour votre show ... j'ai vraiment beaucoup apprecie ! De plus, j'adore les chats ... donc un vrai bonheur !
Merci pr ce spectacle !
Solange la Nantaise ;)

Name: Brian S.
IP Address:
Country: U.S. Date: Fri Aug 18 00:51:37 2006
Comment: I think your wonderful. Your show was amazing. My cats go where ever, and I cant even teach them to use the liter box. This is a harsh world, and you truly do bring inspiration and laughter to others. God bless

Name: Meagan
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 9 15:54:00 2006
Comment: your cats are beautiful...i came to key west in the summer of 2005 and i watched the show two times! i loved it! ! i returned to key west in this summer 2006 and i watched the show every night! i have two cats and i LOVE CATS ! ! ! ! ! you are awesome keep up the great WORK! ! ! ! ! CLAP CLAP CLAP FOR YOU DOMINIQUE


Name: Katie
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 7 01:24:05 2006
Comment: Catman- you rule

Name: Erin Fridia
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Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 6 15:10:21 2006
Comment: I saw the show for the 1st time 8/1/06 and I loved it. I especially enjoyed the black cat and George. I also own a black cat. You kept me entertained.

Name: a fan
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Country: Date: Thu Jul 27 08:52:12 2006
Comment: you'r so good, your'so good

Name: Emily
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Country: deltona Date: Mon Jul 17 11:50:21 2006
Comment: your are so talented i cant even teach my cat his own name.

Name: lauren
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Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 14 13:47:07 2006
Comment: with all the beauty and mystique that surround key west, your show is solely what would make me return. it is truly amazing and inspirational to see an artist live an unconventional life and touch the hearts of so many others in the meantime. God bless and keep up the good work. Our world needs more smiles and laughter. By the way, sorry we missed breakfest on monday.

Name: Matt
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 13 10:02:05 2006
Comment: dude your fucking nuts but yet amazing haha keep doing what your doing

Name: Matt
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 10 21:23:57 2006
Comment: CLAP CLAP CLAP for Catman and his flying house cats! Simply amazing that you can get these cats to obey! You are great!!!

Now, stay where you are! When I return to Key West, I want to see you again!


Name: Meredith
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 4 19:03:11 2006
Comment: Hey dominique! How many cats do you have total? Your show at key west was awesome! how many years did you say you have been there? our family was there in June just recently. Love the WS!


Name: Alyssa
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Country: United States Date: Mon Jul 3 22:00:37 2006

Name: Ashley
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Country: Germany Date: Mon Jul 3 09:14:37 2006
Comment: Catman is the best!


Name: Meredith
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 2 21:38:12 2006
Comment: Hi cat man! you should put more sounds on your website...maybe a video of you and your cats, oscaaaaar! clap clap clap for oscar! We saw you in June at Mallory Square... great show!

Name: Margo
IP Address:
Country: US-Pennsylvania Date: Sat Jul 1 04:04:54 2006
Comment: Dominique,
Have you received the dozen Ginger cats, yet????
Ha Ha Ha! Clap Clap clap!
Stay on your feet!!!
One Moon for me...Thank you.
The Blonde Bride,

Name: bekah
IP Address:
Country: Date: Wed Jun 28 10:14:50 2006
Comment: yo

Name: gabby!!!!!!
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Tue Jun 27 12:23:00 2006
Comment: CAT MAN! clap clap clap for me..same to you!! you amaze me! now go back to your seat..stay where u are! i love you!! will u marry me? or better you have a son?? huh old is he!?!?! guess what i gave you a lighter once! isnt that crazy! man do i love you!!!

IP Address:
Country: US Date: Mon Jun 26 12:32:09 2006
Comment: My cat poem continued -

Then off he struts to take a nap
Warm fur a ghost upon your lap
He looks at you a moment brief
And then turns back with smug relief
Your lap reserves his empty space,
But he will pick the time, and place!

Having my own menagerie of 4 cats, I so enjoyed your show and really love your expression of humor. More people in this world should allow themselves to indulge in your whimsical form of humour!

Name: Nancy
IP Address:
Country: U.S. Date: Mon Jun 26 12:26:32 2006
Comment: A cat can love not one, but many
And there are times he loves not any
A cat is there, and yet heís not
And when you think that he forgot
Is when he comes around to play
And in your lap demands to lay
His head, and wraps around your girth
His purr providing so much mirth.
That petting him one canít resist
And with his presence does insist
That itís his right to pick and choose
The time, the place, that heíll amuse.

Name: Walter Viele
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 26 08:53:44 2006
Comment: Your show is awesome.

Name: Stevens Family
IP Address:
Country: usa Date: Sat Jun 24 19:52:26 2006
Comment: Our family enjoyed your show in Key West! We hope to return to see you again.

HA HA HA HA ------ Now go back to your seat!
Logan & family

Name: Robert
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 21 19:41:36 2006
Comment: I must say, your show is THE best thing on that island entertainment wise. We can't get our
cats to even eat when we want so I tip my hat too you. Your show was wonderful. I am sorry to hear about Sharky. My prayers are with you. When we visit again for the holidays, we will be back. Have some posters this time huh? ;-)~ I guess I will settle for buying a DVD from your site so I can show everyone your mazing show!

Name: marguerite
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 21 19:30:35 2006
Comment: My first trip to the Keys on June 16th 17th and 18th and heard so much about this show and saw it! It was wonderful. Thanks so much for the fun. I love my kitties.......wish I could get them to do that stuff!


Name: Geri
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 19 23:16:50 2006
Comment: A Key west visit would not be complete without seeing your show; so I saw it twice. Cap, cap, cap! You & your cats are the best - keep it up.

Name: Terri
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 14 22:21:15 2006
Comment: I seen your show last week the first time i was at the Keys it was amazing to say the least

Name: Caitlin
IP Address:
Country: United States Date: Sat Jun 10 22:04:39 2006
Comment: Great seeing you again, This visit I watched your show three times and I still love it! Ive been coming since I was eight and I will be turning eighteen in July! I bought your DVD so when Im at college I can have a sense of relief! Never change your act and Piggy and Sharky will be missed!

Name: Maria
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 10 20:49:33 2006
Comment: Hi, Dominique - My whole reason for going to Key West was to see your show and the kitties at The Hemingway House. You and the kitties were excellent! It amuses me to hear others mumble that you must be "crazy" and to those who feel your handling of the cats is not kind I guess they miss how much they give you kisses and "talk" to you. From one cat lover to another -Tres bien!!!!!! Maria

Name: Emma
IP Address:
Country: U.S. Date: Fri Jun 9 17:24:57 2006
Comment: Oh my gosh! Fantastic show! I was there on May 31st for my first Kew West sunset show and I was watching you! Love to all kitties! <3

Name: John F. Damiano
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 8 17:02:12 2006
Comment: Just want to say me and my wife Akemi loved your show. Her favorite was Oscar and Chopin. It is amazing how you train your cats. My mom always told me that it is an amazing show and she was right. Looking forward to seeing you and all the cats on our next trip to Key West. From John and Akemi Damiano Pensacola Florida by way of New York and Japan.

Name: Julianne Jordan
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 5 12:22:13 2006
Comment: Your have done a wonderful job with your cats! We'll be back to see you again.

Clap, Clap, Clap!!!

Name: kim
IP Address:
Country: Date: Sat Jun 3 21:18:43 2006
Comment: i saw you while on my honeymoon- your show was one of the most entertaining things i have ever seen!

Name: Sue Waller
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue May 30 20:40:16 2006
Comment: You're great!

Name: Angela & Matthew
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue May 30 11:25:47 2006
Comment: We absolutely loved you and your adorable kitties. One of the highlights of our trip to Key West! Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment.


Name: Christy Wetherington
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Mon May 29 20:09:32 2006
Comment: Although I have been to Key West quite a few times, I was finally able to see your show on my most recent visit. As a long time cat lover, I must say I especially enjoyed the show. My husband and I have a great time using all of your phrases, but your phrases, "Hurry up, Take your Time" don't seem to work on our cat.

Name: Shauna Patino
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed May 24 17:37:11 2006
Comment: I have to say, without a doubt, that seeing your show was the absolute highlight of our trip! We have told everyone about it, but really it's something that you have to see for yourself. You are so entertaining, and i'll never know how you could possibly train a cat to do anything. That is a rare talent indeed!

Name: Marsha
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri May 12 16:06:47 2006
Comment: I lived in Key West for one all too brief year and spent many happy hours/evenings watching you and your cats. Thank you for so many happy moments!

Name: Erin
IP Address:
Country: Date: Thu May 11 19:42:05 2006
Comment: Absolutely adored the show! Went back 3 times during our vacation to see it!

Name: Chris and Paula
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue May 9 23:01:32 2006
Comment: Love the cats, what do you look for when choosing a cat to train as we are in the market for a new cat? You are my hero!

Name: Maryl Anne and Larry
IP Address:
Country: USA, NJ Date: Mon May 8 17:57:32 2006
Comment: Hello Catman!
So sorry to hear about Sharkey. My husband and I love your show. We saw you last May. We are on our way down again on Saturday, and I was sorry to see you will be away for our entire stay! I will see you another time!