Name: Alyssa Parker Ali (Homepage)
IP Address:
Country: US of A baby Date: Sat Dec 19 18:46:14 2009
Comment: My husband and I visited Key West in October and heard all about your wonderful and unique show. I being the cat lover, and my husband being the Alyssa lover, saw your show a few times while there. I loved it and it made me so happy. I have a feline son, Cosmo and so far I can only get him to sit and lay. I tell everyone about your show and hope you have a great holiday season. Please give your kitties what I like to call a "catssage" for me.
Name: Joan
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 19 02:00:41 2009
Comment: I was soo good to see you this week in Key West! As always, you are amazing with your cats !! Dave and I look forward to sunsets and your shows.

Name: George B
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 13 09:21:32 2009
Comment: Thank you very much for a wonderful, entertaining show! 12 Dec 2009.

Name: Melissa
IP Address:
Country: Date: Sat Dec 12 09:52:00 2009
Comment: We have been home for a week and still my husband and I keep saying, "Take your time, Hurry up!" It is so AMAZING to see someone who loves house cats as much as we do. Thank you for being in this world.

Name: Joan
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Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 10 23:04:49 2009
Comment: Hi Dominique, Dave & I will be in Key West 12/13-18 and look forward to seeing you and the show !!!

Name: Rachel Summerlin
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Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 8 15:16:56 2009
Comment: I first saw your show about 4 years ago. I have now seen it 3 times and truely love it. Anytime I go to Key West, I always make sure I'm there at sunset to watch your show. And of course to clap for the kitties!

Name: Heather
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 6 01:36:01 2009
Comment: Hi Dominique and kitties! I saw your show several times way back in about 1993 at the Renaissance festival in Georgia - I was even lucky enough to be one of the children who got jumped over during one show! I remember pretty Piggy and Oscar too. So wonderful to know that you and the cats are still performing; one of these days I hope to get down to Key West and see you guys again!

Name: Chris K
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 29 23:25:55 2009
Comment: "Meow meow, purr, meow, meow, purr meow, purr." As your cats could tell you, that means, "Your show was great" in cat talk. Keep on the crazy times, or "purr purr purr, meow, rawr, meow, purr." PS, get back to your seat!!

Name: Sue
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 27 18:42:15 2009
Comment: Dominique! I had the pleasure of speaking to you on the phone this afternoon, thanks to my brother Todd. I am looking forward to hanging out with you briefly in December. P.S. Anything you need from St. Petersburg, Fl?

Name: Hank & Martha
IP Address:
Country: US of A Date: Fri Oct 23 07:08:42 2009
Comment: Making our 8th trip to Key West in December. You and your house cats are the highlight of our trip. My husband says he enjoys watching my joy as I watch your show. Thank you for all the smiles and fun!

Name: Lisa
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 21 14:22:57 2009
Comment: I first saw you and your "lions" in the early 90's. I had heard so much about you prior to seeing you. But words could not express how amazing the show is. I recall hearing that some of your cats or one of your cats was stolen, maybe 10 years ago or more. Was it/ were they ever recovered?


Name: Gary Davis
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Country: US Date: Thu Oct 15 20:52:40 2009
Comment: Saw your show ten years ago. Loved it. Have a blonde Maine-Coon (no known pedigree) who rolls over on command. Taught him by moving one finger in a circle. Did it first time. And since. Again, Great Show, finally found you on the internet.

Name: Ricque
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 13 14:45:21 2009
Comment: Looking forward to a quick trip to Miami and KW next week - wouldn't miss your show for anything! See you soon!

Name: Steve & Dawn
IP Address:
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 6 20:24:10 2009
Comment: We miss you, Dominique! Hope to see you soon! :) Love Steve & Dawn

Name: Barbara
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Country: US Date: Sat Oct 3 01:30:11 2009
Comment: I absolutely enjoy your and your cats show! Thank you!