October, November and December 2005

Name: Rudy Schulz
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Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 30 14:09:17 2005
Comment: Just returned from Key West. We couldn 't find your act on Chirstmas Eve and we were afraid that we 'd missed you, but we found you on Christmas. A great gift to see you again. What a wonderful show!

Name: Kristin Mason
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Country: US Date: Mon Dec 26 22:12:46 2005
Comment: We just returned from Key West and wanted to let you know your show was one of the best parts of our trip! You and your cats are just wonderful to watch! Thanks so much!! <Clap Clap Clap>

Name: T. Conrad
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Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 24 09:39:52 2005
Comment: Saw you in Key West. Thanks for the great show!
T and S

Name: Mimi Hickerson
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Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 22 09:29:58 2005
Comment: Really enjoyed your show, and the cats are amazing!

Name: Greg and Dee Dee
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Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 12 19:10:22 2005
Comment: Dee Dee has three cats, and thought your show was the highlight of our trip to Key West. You recall that we barely missed a performance for the entire week! You put on a great show that we'll recommend to everyone going to Key West. Thanks for the fun, clap clap clap for the Catman!

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Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 3 00:01:45 2005
Comment: Hi Dominique, Saw you in August and now I am enjoying watching your video. Hope you faired well through all the hurricanes. I envy you in beautiful Keywest while I sit here in Indiana watching the cold snow. YUCK!!! I wanted to wish you and Oscar, Sara and the whole furry gang---- Happy Holidays. Linda

Name: Ed & Ellen LeTard
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Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Nov 22 07:34:25 2005
Comment: Hey Dominique --- We really enjoyed your show this past summer --- we'll be back in Key West in December and look forward to seeing the show many more times --- Ed & Ellen LeTard

Name: Maria Aurelia Cazulo
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Country: United States Date: Fri Nov 18 11:01:59 2005
Comment: Thank you so much for the delight of your show. I was staying at the Hilton and just chanced upon you and your wonderful cats. I am sorry about Sharky, I also lost a kitty this morning, her name was "Negrita" she fought like a prize fighter till the end and finally passed peacefully in her sleep, with much love arounfd her. Be blessed for all you do. Maria Aurelia

Name: Jacci, Anthony, John, Debbie
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Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 10 19:23:12 2005
Comment: Sorry we had to leave so soon! That silly hurricane chased us out! We hope you and the kitties are all doing well. See you next year at the wedding breakfast.

Name: Brittany
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Country: Date: Sat Nov 5 19:13:13 2005
Comment: hey catman! how have you been? I don 't know if you remember me but we saw your show last March. I just thought I 'd check in. I remember how me and my sister were petting your cats after the show. We had to go. We said, "bye ", and you go, "Get back to your seat. " haha you are so funny and talented. Those cats must love you. The next time, I 'm in Key West I so have to see your show again. By far, it 's my faovrite show in the keys!!!

Name: Lillian H. Russol (Homepage)
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Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 4 19:51:34 2005
Comment: Found your website and wish I could see your show. I'm featuring you and your cats on my blog.


Name: L Dryer
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Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 4 16:36:19 2005
Comment: Dominique
We loved your show and have seen you several times over the years. We
brought our friends to see your show (who knew they were dog lovers), but
by the end of the show, they could not stop talking about you & the cats
for the rest of our trip. We still call out Oscar's name and laugh about
how wonderful you are. Keep up the great work.
Love ya,

Name: Karen Rose (Homepage)
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Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 29 11:43:00 2005
Comment: My husband and I were there in January of 2004 and are planning to come back in 2006, either January, FEbruary or March. Because of Hurricane Wilma we were concerned about your safety and all your fur babies' safety. Are all of you okay?

So sorry to hear of Sharkey's passing. We do truly understand. We lost our best Maine Coon in May at 20 months of age in an accident here at home in our bedroom. He should have been as agile as Sharkey. Can you let us know you're okay?

Name: Vicky
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Country: England Date: Thu Oct 27 17:19:07 2005
Comment: I was in Key West on 18 Oct and saw the Catman for the second time (1st time July 2004) and was still enchanted by him and the cats. They made me miss my cats back home in England. So go back to your seat & stay where you are !! Hope to see them all again next year

Name: Tyler
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Country: United States Date: Thu Oct 13 16:54:56 2005
Comment: I saw your show for the first time on October 7th. Great Job.

Name: JUDY
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Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 13 11:35:02 2005

Name: sarah
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Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 10 15:31:10 2005
Comment: When ever we go to Key West we always make sure we stop by. We are from Orlando Florida.