September, October, November and December 2006

Name: Joan
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Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 24 13:26:30 2006
Comment: Happy Holidays to you and your kitties! See you in Key West in February! Can't wait!

Name: Big Pine Fan
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Country: Date: Thu Dec 7 22:24:45 2006
Comment: Wow, you're the best.

Name: donna
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Country: md, usa Date: Thu Dec 7 19:03:51 2006
Comment: You and your wonderful cats are truly wonderful. You share that certain connection that comes from loving and caring for your pets. I saw you all back in 89 or 90 and you were all superb. Many lives to the kitties. Long live Sharky in our memories. Love you....

Name: Elaine Thompson
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Country: England Date: Wed Dec 6 16:09:53 2006
Comment: I have never seen a show like this one. It's incredible. How do you do it???

Name: james howard
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Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 26 21:17:12 2006
Comment: seen you and your amazing cats thanksgiving weekend this year are amazing and all of your wonderful cats are as well.ive never seen anything like your and all your cats are stars in my book.thanks for the best show in key and peace from georgia!!

Name: Sue
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Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 26 21:17:05 2006
Comment: Hi, We were in Key West 6 yrs ago and saw your show and loved it. This past week we were vacationing in Key West. I couldn't wait to see if you were still preforming with your cats. I have had cats all my life and am so impressed on how you have trained your cats. Your show was the highlight of our day. Thank you, Sue, Dave, Jill, Stacy, and Matt

Name: Janet Jackson
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Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 16 10:42:43 2006
Comment: I have seen your show everytime I visit Key West. I even caught your show at the Great State Fair of Texas a year or so ago. I was home visiting w/parents and got an invite to the Fair and low and behold YOU were there. Clap Clap Clap for me. I am now re-locating to Big Pine Key and hope to be working in Key West or there about. I will most certainly catch your show every chance I get.

Name: Molly
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Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 14 15:59:26 2006
Comment: Catman,
I will miss you and Oscar and Cosette this year. My humans are going to Mexico and I have to go to the kennel for some training.
See you in 2008 maybe!
Molly (a very big Chesapeake Bay Retriever)


Name: Joan, Mike, Sarah and Tariq
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Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 10 08:45:44 2006
Comment: Hello Dominique - we are the English family who saw your show first week in Oct 2006. We enjoyed your show so much - it is funny, amazing and you obviously love your cats, and they love you or they would not do the clever things they do. So hurry up now, take your time and clap, clap, clap to you and your cats! Kindest regards

Name: Lisa & Wayne Verrette
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Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 6 20:54:10 2006
Comment: I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your show!...and we didn't even get to see the whole act! My husband and I went to Key West to celebrate our silver anniversary and were so entertained by you & your sweet cats. It was such a delight to see house cats perform. We've always loved cats and currently have 4 that share their awesome presence with us...Jingle Bells, Malcolm, Simon, & Boudreaux (pronounced Boo-dro...he's a cajun kitty). Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

Name: Lori Renner
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Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 17 22:47:24 2006
Comment: Dear Dom,
I was down last week Oct7 thru Oct14. I'm the one who told you I have been watching our show since 1987. I really think you are great with the cats you have taken in as your family. I am also a cat lover. My husband and I have 8 cats.
E.T., Coco, Frazier, Neils, Bear, Jack, Checkers, and Scar. They are all my babies. It was such a pleasure to see you are still around. I also gave my friend your tee shirt I bought from you so now I have to buy another one. love to you Lori

Name: Melanie Peele
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Country: United States Date: Sun Oct 15 20:54:48 2006
Comment: My daughter and her husband recently took me and my husband to Key West for out 25th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Westin and we watched your show 3 evenings. We thought it was great! We're both cat lovers and could not ever get tired watching your show. Keep up the good work.

Name: Skip Ulmer (Homepage)
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Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 14 12:11:05 2006
Comment: Elizabeth and I saw your show four times week of Oct 8. You are a superb entertainer and trainer of cats.
We approached you Thursday Oct 12 and discussed changing your approach with the tip basket. Did you and if so, any noticeable difference?

Name: Nathalie
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Country: Québec Date: Wed Oct 11 21:01:21 2006
Comment: Bonjour Dominique! Vous nous avez non seulement impressionnés avec vos chats mais nous avez fait bien rire ce samedi soir! Hurry up! Take your time! Stay were you are! Go back to your place!

Name: Amelia and Anthony
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Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 7 15:06:14 2006
Comment: Stay where you are, go to your seat. Your cats are amazing, clap, clap, clap.

Name: Michelle
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Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 21 00:50:25 2006
Comment: Dominique,

Your show was awesome! My friends were raving about your show and said we had to see it. They were right! No trip to Key West is complete without catching one of your performances!

Name: Kathy Smith
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Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 20 18:23:59 2006
Comment: So sorry to hear about Sharky's passing, he gave us joy for many years. And thank you for the joy you have given us each for each of the past 14 years. See you in January.

Name: nina harry ronda
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Country: USA (Ohio) Date: Sun Sep 17 09:20:20 2006
Comment: Hi Dominique, (dictated by 7-year old Nina)

Your show was really great. We watch it every night in Key West when we're on vacation there. We are still "Mandarine, the ROPE" and "Follow the arrow, follow the arrow" around our house, and making up new "cat man sayings" of our own. All of us have developed a French accent when talking about cats. We wish you were closer to Ohio so we could see you more often. No, we wish we were closer to Key West, so we could see you more ofte

Name: Will Graham
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Country: Date: Wed Sep 13 22:31:32 2006
Comment: You inspire me. Keep doing what you love, I would LOVe to see your show sometime. Please come to Vancouver! wow!

Name: Janet &Tom
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Country: U.S. Date: Mon Sep 11 00:28:25 2006
Comment: We watched your show from Tues the 5th of Sept to Sat. the 9th,2006 All the street performers are great but NOBODY tops you! You are the best,and so are the cats,we cannot wait to see you again,you made our vacation special!

Name: GN
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Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 9 01:55:41 2006
Comment: I cannot remember the first time I saw you and your cats perform at Mallory Square - it had to be in the late 80's. Congrats to you for what you do, and I hope you keep going for years. A class act in a world that's gone to ***.

Name: Nanci Little (Homepage)
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Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 3 18:41:48 2006
Comment: Hey Dominique! I just spoke to my friend who spent the Labor Day weekend in Key West and she saw your show.. and got your website for me to look at. If you remember, many years ago I hired you and Marlene (a true star!) for a commercial where she had to jump off the roof of the house and would land on her stool that you would hold up out of the camera's sight. You told me that you liked to pick kittens that had a 'vibrating' tail and I have seen over the years that you are right! God Bless