Happy 2012!

Imagine arriving on this planet at Christmas time, after a long journey circumvented the Universe almost for ever.

What a relief, everybody is joyful celebrating the HollyDays!

A beautiful welcome for the new comers who can rest in peace, enjoy their stay, love each other, be excited, be themselves, why not, and who cares of what part of the universe one is coming from, we made it.

Let's congratulate and make sure we provide the best for all of us with no exceptions using our skills for the common good.

Happy 2011!

So Happy Solstice Happy Santa and Happy New Year 2011 to all of us.

The year of 1638 is the birth of the Sun King.

The year 1789 the eclipse of the French royalty and the beginning of a new era in America. 

And now what?

The birth of the unethical communist-capitalism-real-cheap-politick-no-quality China and Co. What a Bless!

So Best Wishes for the next winter solstice lunar eclipse hoping it will finally be good for all the children of the universe stationed on this planet to have a quality time free of greedy preachers of all kind.

Happy 2010!

Why not believe in Santa if it makes us happy like a child

The Semites who created God spend their times invading and killing their neighbors, what kind of "God" did they have in mind?
The Santa that was created by the North Men for the joy of the children of all ages is very human and generous.

At the eve of the third millennium we should let the religions go back to their seats and leave us and our children alone to live in Peace.