American Eagle Latitudes Magazine
May - June 2007

Dominique with Moon, Cossette and Sara

Mallory Square Key West's quirkiest tradition is gathering at Mallory Square to celebrate the sunset. Adding to the festivities are jugglers, musicians and countless other unique performers. One of the most beloved acts is Dominique's Flying House Cats. Cats leap through the air while Dominique charms the audience with his antics.

Oscar, a handsome big black cat, leaps through a hoop and jumps between stools. Cosette, a tailless Manx, follows suit. Not to be outdone, Chopin, George and Sara leap over each other while on a tight rope.

The big finale has to be seen to be believed- the cats leap through a fire hoop! To quote Dominique: Clap, clap, clap for the cats'" You'll add:
Clap, clap, clap for the quirky Keys!