Excerpt from:

Key West: An island state of mind – Leader

My favorite act is still the Catman of Key West. His real name
is Dominique Lefort, and if you’ve never seen him or his “flying
house cats” before, you’ll swear he’s just cracked a box of
psychedelic mushrooms (his French accent also makes him sound
rather eccentric). Whether the fabulous felines are leaping through
fiery hoops or being urged to “Hurry up, take your time,” LeFort
makes herding cats look easy.
“Well, but they love to play. And they love to tease!” LeFort
said with a laugh. “I pick the cats by the fact that they wag their
tail when they are little ones because they are more alert. Chopin
is my most intelligent. When he looks at you and he turns like
this, he is trying to understand what is going on in your mind. He
really is an amazing cat.”