Excerpt from the book "The Tribe of the Tiger"
by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

"So the modern circus message is not really as new as it seems. Meanwhile, the old message undergoes its own metamorphosis. In recent years, every evening at sunset on a pier in Key West, Florida, a wonderful trainer named Dominique Lefort performs with four graceful little house cats who open their own cages, leap fluidly onto their stools, and perform a series of breathtaking tricks, while Dominique, a chair in one hand and a whip in the other, pretends to keep them at bay as if they were lions. After the last performance, man and cats stroll off together, the cats to their carrying boxes, the man to his large RV in which they all live a pleasant domestic clutter of coffee cups, cat kibbles, and litter pans."



What a Stunt!
Dominique is throwing a piece of meat up in the air and Spot is getting ready to catch it.