Official Catman Chopin Look-Alike Socks

Catman Socks


Now you can order Dominique styled Chopin Look-Alike Socks directly from the web!
75% Cotton - 20% Polyester - 5% Spandex
One Size Fits All!

Pair of Catman Chopin Socks

6 Pairs of Catman Chopin Socks

 You can order Catman Souvenirs by contacting Dominique via text message or phone at:
-  Send a check or money order to  -
Dominique Lefort
P.O. Box 4133
Key West, FL 33041

* There is a $6.00 S&H charge on each order. Global orders (outside the U.S.) are $5.00 extra.
If you have not received your order within 2 weeks please contact me at