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Portrait of Dominique with Sara, Piggy and Sharky.
(photo by Tim Rees)

Official home site for Dominique LeFort and his incredible trained house cats, Oscar and Cossette, Sharky, Sara, Chopin, George and Mandarine. The world renowned entertainer, animal trainer and cat trainer known as Dominique the Catman performs regularly at Westin Pier for Sunset Celebration adjacent to Mallory Sqare in Key West, Florida. This incredibly talented performer is admired by everyone from children to senior citizens and has acquired a huge following who adore his show. No trip to Key West would be complete without experiencing his act.


Piggy, Spot, Mars and Sharky have already rejoined the universe.

Thank you for having entertained so many children.
Thank you for your company, thank you for having stayed with us so long,
Happy nine lives to you!
Bon voyage and I hope you found a planet with plenty of water
where no one yells at you!
Clap clap clap for all of you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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